SnA is a business analytics consultancy based in Istanbul, Turkey with active projects in the EMEA region. SnA helps bluechips understand their transaction level history and produce predictive analysis and forecasts.
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World is evolving with a trend where your refrigerator knows when you are out of milk with your selected brand. Meantime, intense competition on retail is increasing, stores are closing and opening every single day. SnA helps retailers across different verticals by segmenting the customer base, predicting customer needs and assigning customers’ contact preference at the right time through the right channel.


SKU Segmentation
Talking about thousands of SKU may be hard – segmenting SKUs help businesses know their product types / brands etc and may be utilized for further descriptive and predictive topics
Propensity Modeling
Mashing business domain knowledge with intensive data mining implementations to produce customer level predictions for best offer selection for the right customer
Market Basket Analysis
Analyzing the combinations of SKUs in intense transactional level data for contributing further marketing / promotion actions
Supplier Dashboards
In the benefit of both retailer and brand owner, generating data insight for effective decision making processes
Price Elasticity
Supporting pricing strategy, data mining / optimization techniques to assign customer level price elasticity
Customer Segmentation
Value / Attitudinal / Behavioral Segmentation work streams enable an analytical foundation for further predictive efforts
BTL Campaign Management
Measuring targeted and response-oriented campaigns for test / learn process automation and incremental revenue calculation
Category Revenue Forecasting
Category based revenue forecasting for supporting further marketing / promotion actions
Store Opening Appraisal Valuation
Forecasting / valuating the potential revenue generation of a store for feasibility generation of the company on decision making
Fraud Detection
Mashing as-is and to-be business scenarios with advanced analytical implementation to detect anomalies