Success is Never Accidental

    • Financial Analytics

      Over the years, financial institutions have seen an increasing demand both from regulatory bodies and key stakeholders to improve data driven decision making processes. SnA works with Banks and Insurance companies to deliver financial analytics solutions to meet this demand. Since every client situation is unique, SnA solutions tend to be custom-fit to meet their exact demand. At a very high level, our financial analytics solutions fall under these four categories:

      1 Credit Risk Scoring: Estimation of creditworthiness for loan applicants with empirical scorecards. Our teams expertise includes building and validating compliant credit risk scorecards with enhanced variable sets.

      2 Collections Optimization:  Balancing collections performance with capacity through mathematical optimization models. SnA has delivered multiple solutions in collections to optimize amount collected over cost of operations.

      3 Fraud Analytics: Information age has paved the way for channels for financial institutions. However, these new ways of working also created a new area to investigate for fraudulent behavior. Our team has delivered multiple fraud solutions to decrease losses for financial services clients.

      4 Ratemaking: Increased competition and alternative products require insurance companies to utilize innovative solutions for pricing. SnA experts hep insurance pricing decisions with application of statistical techniques on historical claims datasets.

    • Marketing Analytics

      Many organizations already know that their customers generate terabytes of data everyday. Often times, these structured and unstructured pieces of data are captured and stored in an efficient manner. However, most marketers struggle to improve bottom line from their “data” investments. This is when advanced analytics comes into play.

      SnA works with clients in Telecommunications, Financial Services, Utilities, Retail and Online Businesses to help make sense of “Big Data”. Since every client situation is unique, SnA solutions tend to be custom-fit to meet their exact demand. At a very high level, our marketing analytics solutions fall under these four categories:

      1 Customer Segmentations: Many of our clients are focused on understanding their customers better. Customer segmentations are strategic frameworks to understand key groups that differ from each other in the customer database. SnA team has experience in delivering behavioral, attitudinal, micro and domain specific segmentations across industries.

      2 Predictive Modeling: Increased digitalization of marketing has paved the way for companies to be in constant contact with customers. Smart companies know how to differentiate themselves from information load. The key is increasing relevancy through targeted offers. SnA helps clients perform a variety of predictive analytics projects to improve customer targeting.

      3 Offer Optimization: Often times organizations are faced with operational and budget constraints when delivering marketing offers. Addressing this problem requires advanced offer optimization with cost prediction and scenario testing. SnA’s expertise ensures optimization of marketing resources for the maximum ROI.

      4 Revenue and Cost Forecasting: Several teams are required to generate a forecast across an organization. Typically, marketing teams are responsible from generating revenue and cost forecasts -sometimes at very granular levels. SnA helps clients perform econometric models to dynamically forecast costs and revenues accounting for impact of external factors.