SnA is a business analytics consultancy based in Istanbul, Turkey with active projects in the EMEA region. SnA helps bluechips understand their transaction level history and produce predictive analysis and forecasts.
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Based on system-wide global commercial airlines, in total operating profit decreased to 47.0 billion USD in 2018 (56.6 billion USD in 2017), net profit decreased from 37.6 billion USD to 30.0 billion USD, respectively. SnA contributes to Airline companies’ cost revenue optimization through increasing route based flight fullness with an incremental load factor.


Value / Attitudinal / Behavioral Segmentation work streams enable an analytical foundation for further predictive efforts
BTL Campaign Management
Measuring targeted and response-oriented campaigns for test / learn process automation and incremental revenue calculation
Selecting the right technique by understanding the business context, with relevance and availability of historical data and implementing a solution with high degree of accuracy
AB Testing
Findings from descriptive and predictive analysis are utilized to perform statistically significant tests for incremental KPI calculations