SnA is a business analytics consultancy based in Istanbul, Turkey with active projects in the EMEA region. SnA helps bluechips understand their transaction level history and produce predictive analysis and forecasts.
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As an Analytics Consultant, you will be responsible for analyzing large and complex datasets, applying various quantitative methods to interpret information and generating insights that lead to business recommendations. You will also be working on training, validation and implementation of predictive statistical models.

This position requires a combination of technical skills and research, communication, presentation skills.

We seek highly motivated individuals with a strong record of professional/academic/personal achievement and place significant importance on personal qualities such as intellectual curiosity, responsibility, determination, creativity, flexibility and self-confidence.

Desired Skills and Experience:
• Bachelors degree in Business, Finance, Marketing, Economics, Industrial Engineering, Computer Science from a reputable institution
• General understanding of applied statistical concepts
• Curiosity for knowledge in open source tools is a must
• Familiarity with database programming languages such as SQL is a must

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